The Evolved Psyche in The Circulation of Elites describes reptilians and zombies in terms clinical, such as psychopath, and rather wordy, such as “globalist wing of the ruling faction of the managerial class”.

The term “pathocracy” is from Andrzej Łobaczewski, but a new term “Psychorium” is introduced:

The space of psychopathic mentality, either as conditions imposed by political psychopaths or perpetuated by clinically normal people trying to survive under those conditions, is the psychorium. The psychorium is the lived experience of psychopathy as socially and politically manifest in the world – regardless of who is living that experience. Pathocracy is the governance or system of rule by psychopaths; the psychorium is the mass psychology that makes pathocracy possible.

the psychorium

MindMatters discuss it in: The Managerial Revolution and the Circulation of the Elites.