The curious case of Dr Sharon Alroy-Preis

Norman Fenton and Martin Neil ponder “The curious case of Dr Sharon Alroy-Preis and the claims of safety and effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine”.

Manufacturing Consentsorship

The Twitter Files finally confirmed what many suspected and brought attention to the disturbing material that had been left in the open, until then.

Mike Benz documents the “Censorship Industrial Complex” at his Foundation For Freedom Online.

Benz speaks in a marathon Twitter Space:

The Dark Forces Destroying The Internet (ft. Mike Benz)

Aaron Kheriaty, MD discusses the progress of “Missouri v. Biden”: LEGAL UPDATE: Missouri v. Biden – Court Denies Government’s Motion for Dismissal.

The Curtain is Pulled Back

Apparently at this Carnival a peek behind the curtain costs just $44,000,000,000. There you will find the glowing ones seducing, bribing, and bullying zombies, presumably on behalf of the reptilians.

It is interesting to re-read Curtis Yarvin from early 2021 with Big tech has no power at all.

“To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true.”

Jay Bhattacharya: What I discovered at Twitter HQ

There is much to discuss, also on Twitter:

The Twitter Files Archive

TwitterFiles Suppression + Former Trump Advisor On Stage (Mr Gorka)
Files Live Stream – Covering Elon Musk’s Second Drop Live on Twitter Spaces
Twitter Files Part 2 Being Released Now – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles3 LIVE COVERAGE – The Roundtable
Twitter Files Drop Part 3 (Matt Taibbi) – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles4 LIVE COVERAGE w/ Sebastian Gorka(Trump
Twitter Files Part 4 w/ Shellenberger – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles5 LIVE COVERAGE – The Roundtable
Twitter Files Part 5 – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles6 LIVE COVERAGE w/ Whistleblowers & Politicians
Twitter Files Part 6 – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles7 Hunter Biden LIVE COVERAGE + Jan 6 Committee LIVE
Twitter Files Part 7 – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles Drop LIVE COVERAGE
TwitterFiles LIVE RECAP (Space Crashed) – Roundtable
FauciFiles LIVE COVERAGE! w/ Dr. Drew & other special guests

CJ Hopkins thinks it is The Mother of All Limited Hangouts.

Mike Benz of the Foundation For Freedom Online has seen it all:

The Speed of Science!

Every once in a while a special phrase is used, so hopeful and yet so meaningless, so impressive and yet signifying something so contrary to reality.

It does not quite make sense to Dr. John Campbell.

So good it makes a great title for a song, or subtitle, or whatever:

mRNA (Speed of Science) – ORIGINAL SONG

What could go wrong?

Well actually, given what we have already done, we don’t need to imagine.

More on Viral Viral Vaccines:

AARON KHERIATY discusses ethics of spreading a well meaning disease.

Phoney Phoney

In Canada, in regards to the character of it’s other plague, Trudeau, the question of Reptilian or Zombie seems to be leaning Zombie.

The actual countenance of that one is so annoying that he is best perceived only via simulations.

Episode 13 : How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom, presented by Justin Trudeau
Trudeau Does Ukrainian Food

John Julian Stetch explains:

How I make Trudeau Videos

SADS World

Visceral Adventure offers a song for the times:

Questioning the threshold of a normie

Queensland, Australia Health Minister Yvette D’Ath has no clue what could’ve caused a sudden 40% increase in code 1 heart attacks, chest pains and respiratory issues. What she does know, however, is that it was not the COVID injections, because the dogma says that “vaccines actually help people stay out of hospital, not put them in hospital”.

Queensland Health Minister can’t explain sudden 40%⬆ heart attacks, chest pains, respiratory issues
“If there was a definition of cognitive dissonance this would be it”
Dr. John Campbell insists, for the censors at YouTube, that he is not actually suggesting the obvious.

The Myth of the Blind Watchmaker

Charles Rixey pieces together the early history of the cover up:

From The Myth of the Blind Watchmaker:

An Abstract in 4 Key Points:

  • Dr. Fauci and a few other senior scientists knew instantly that the discovery of HIV spike inserts within the SAR-CoV-2 viral genome made it almost impossible for the virus to be natural.
  • They knew about the Furin cleavage site [FCS], the single biggest genomic contributor to SARS-CoV-2’s ability to become a pandemic virus.
  • They suppressed treatments that were already available – including the very fusion inhibitors implicated by the existence of the HIV inserts.
  • Much of what has been done to combat the pandemic – especially here in the United States – has been the opposite of what would’ve been recommended, had all of the information been publicly known in early 2020.”

His substack post references a live discussion and work by Arkmedic: Absolute proof: The Gp-120 sequences prove beyond all doubt that “COVID-19” was man-made.

The fusion inhibitors are theorised to be the “antidote” counterpart of a corona virus based bio-weapon.


Creatures scurry about and bump into things. Mice are sometimes involved.

The mouse suggests the patentor of a part may have ownership of the virus.

More evidence Covid was tinkered with in a lab? Now scientists find virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before pandemic began

mRNA Inventor Robert Malone and EcoHealth Whistleblower Andrew Huff discuss Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Igor Chudov explains.

How to BLAST your way to the truth about the origins of COVID-19

The CEO of Moderna fumbles explaining why COVID-19 contains a gene sequence that was patented three years before the pandemic.

Zombie or Reptilian, Some Evidence

The United States Supreme Court often avoids its responsibility, but it did not choose to ignore an OSHA vaccine mandate case and the public were able to glean something about the justices themselves from the statements they made and the questions they asked.

In the course, Justice Sonia Sotomayor claimed that there were 100,000 pediatric COVID-19 hospitalizations. The CDC asserts that there were roughly 3,500. Even zombiefied media took note.

This seems to be evidence that Sotomayor is of some subspecies of Zombie and not a Reptilian at all.

Justice Breyer and Justice Kagan also stated some misinformation, while Justice Kavanaugh seemed a bit confused. If we assume their statements reflected genuinely held beliefs then we must conclude that they too are just Zombies.

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