Pretending and Purges

So what’s the point of pretending this is normal? The house arrests, solitary confinements, lack of any meaningful “speedy trials”, and eventual decade-long sentences for window-breaking suggest the one-party state is not yet done with you.

Mark Steyn, The Real New Normal
Mike Benz: I just want my thoughts on the record

Delegation and Deference

Bruce Pardy explains why the courts did and will do nothing. The legislative delegation to the executive and the judicial deference to the executive gives the executive the discretion to decide what is presumed to be in the public good.


This is what is being eroded: not just the ability to access “offensive” works of art, but something more fundamental. Social trust. Artistic sanctity. Our shared understanding, rooted in historical record, of what is true.

Kat Rosenfield: Gaslight: The “Sensitivity Readers” Erasing Western History

The texture of this procedural innovation is Soviet. If books don’t adhere to the party line, they’ll not see print, and the authors will be re-educated.

Lionel Shriver: We need to talk about sense and sensitivity
Lionel Shriver: Insensitivity Reader – Live at the UnHerd Club

Literary revisionism is no accident. Civilization is not merely drifting away from its moorings, although no doubt that is happening, too. Instead, we are living through a dedicated program. Anti-western sentiment is ascendent. Revolution succeeds once people no longer perceive it is happening. The most powerful ideas are the ones taken for granted by those applying them.

Bruce Pardy: Agatha Christie revisions are the writing on the wall.

The Singularity is Here

We demonstrate that, beyond its mastery of language, GPT-4 can solve novel and difficult tasks that span mathematics, coding, vision, medicine, law, psychology and more, without needing any special prompting. Moreover, in all of these tasks, GPT-4’s performance is strikingly close to human-level performance, and often vastly surpasses prior models such as ChatGPT. Given the breadth and depth of GPT-4’s capabilities, we believe that it could reasonably be viewed as an early (yet still incomplete) version of an artificial general intelligence (AGI) system.

Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence:
Early experiments with GPT-4

Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter
We call on all AI labs to immediately pause for at least 6 months the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4.

The curious case of Dr Sharon Alroy-Preis

Norman Fenton and Martin Neil ponder “The curious case of Dr Sharon Alroy-Preis and the claims of safety and effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine”.

Manufacturing Consentsorship

The Twitter Files finally confirmed what many suspected and brought attention to the disturbing material that had been left in the open, until then.

Mike Benz documents the “Censorship Industrial Complex” at his Foundation For Freedom Online.

Benz speaks in a marathon Twitter Space:

The Dark Forces Destroying The Internet (ft. Mike Benz)

Jacob Siegel gives a sad history: A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century

Jacob Siegel: The great “disinformation” hoax

Aaron Kheriaty, MD discusses the progress of “Missouri v. Biden”: LEGAL UPDATE: Missouri v. Biden – Court Denies Government’s Motion for Dismissal.
Michael Shellenberger discusses “Why Renee DiResta Leads The Censorship Industry”. Curious how DiResta once kinda sorta worked for the CIA.

Former CBC (among others) journalist Rodney Palmer describes the CBC’s descent into propaganda.

Lee Smith interviews Mike Benz: Is America’s Foreign Intelligence Service Interfering in US Elections?

Can the social media censors be stopped? Mike Benz with Sebastian Gorka

Matt Taibbi et al. Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex.

Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex: The Top 50 Organizations to Know

The Kyle Seraphin Show: Mike Benz and the Foundation for Freedom Online

The Curtain is Pulled Back

Apparently at this Carnival a peek behind the curtain costs just $44,000,000,000. There you will find the glowing ones seducing, bribing, and bullying zombies, presumably on behalf of the reptilians.

It is interesting to re-read Curtis Yarvin from early 2021 with Big tech has no power at all.

“To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true.”

Jay Bhattacharya: What I discovered at Twitter HQ

There is much to discuss, also on Twitter:

The Twitter Files Archive

Twitter Files Collected

TwitterFiles Suppression + Former Trump Advisor On Stage (Mr Gorka)
Files Live Stream – Covering Elon Musk’s Second Drop Live on Twitter Spaces
Twitter Files Part 2 Being Released Now – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles3 LIVE COVERAGE – The Roundtable
Twitter Files Drop Part 3 (Matt Taibbi) – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles4 LIVE COVERAGE w/ Sebastian Gorka(Trump
Twitter Files Part 4 w/ Shellenberger – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles5 LIVE COVERAGE – The Roundtable
Twitter Files Part 5 – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles6 LIVE COVERAGE w/ Whistleblowers & Politicians
Twitter Files Part 6 – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles7 Hunter Biden LIVE COVERAGE + Jan 6 Committee LIVE
Twitter Files Part 7 – Elon Exposing Twitter’s Previous Corruption
TwitterFiles Drop LIVE COVERAGE
TwitterFiles LIVE RECAP (Space Crashed) – Roundtable
FauciFiles LIVE COVERAGE! w/ Dr. Drew & other special guests

CJ Hopkins thinks it is The Mother of All Limited Hangouts.

Mike Benz of the Foundation For Freedom Online has seen it all:

The Speed of Science!

Every once in a while a special phrase is used, so hopeful and yet so meaningless, so impressive and yet signifying something so contrary to reality.

It does not quite make sense to Dr. John Campbell.

So good it makes a great title for a song, or subtitle, or whatever:

mRNA (Speed of Science) – ORIGINAL SONG

What could go wrong?

Well actually, given what we have already done, we don’t need to imagine.

More on Viral Viral Vaccines:

AARON KHERIATY discusses ethics of spreading a well meaning disease.

Phoney Phoney

In Canada, in regards to the character of it’s other plague, Trudeau, the question of Reptilian or Zombie seems to be leaning Zombie.

The actual countenance of that one is so annoying that he is best perceived only via simulations.

Episode 13 : How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom, presented by Justin Trudeau
Trudeau Does Ukrainian Food

John Julian Stetch explains:
How I make Trudeau Videos

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