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Reptilian Origins

It is nearly certain that the Reptilians are not in fact from the star system of Alpha Draconis, but of terrestrial origin. One theory is that they are a higher caste of Zombie, where the zombification process has left a residual lizard brain. Another is that they are a next evolutionary stage of the ancestral population, and that they have just found it convenient to make use of the Zombie hoards in order to supplant it.

Christopher Lasch, in 1994: THE REVOLT OF THE ELITES.

Angelo Codevilla describes them, from 2010, America’s Ruling Class.

Michael Glennon | The Deep State—or Double Government?

Joel Kotkin dissects the subspeciation involved: The Two Middle Classes. His book is The Coming of Neo-Feudalism.

Another take on the emergent caste system by Michael Lind: The New Class War.

Michael Lind – CLASS WAR

Asserting Dominance?

Time publishes an article that seems to be someone letting us know that they know that we know, and that they don’t care that we know. Or perhaps to let others that don’t know know just what they want them to know rather than have information lead them to know what they don’t want them to know.

The Time article:

Bret Weinstein does not yet seem fully aware of the obvious.
Eric Weinstein acknowledges a limited hangout, but goes no further.

“Viva Frei”:

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