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The curious case of Dr Sharon Alroy-Preis

Norman Fenton and Martin Neil ponder “The curious case of Dr Sharon Alroy-Preis and the claims of safety and effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine”.

Manufacturing Consentsorship

The Twitter Files finally confirmed what many suspected and brought attention to the disturbing material that had been left in the open, until then.

Mike Benz documents the “Censorship Industrial Complex” at his Foundation For Freedom Online.

Benz speaks in a marathon Twitter Space:

The Dark Forces Destroying The Internet (ft. Mike Benz)

Jacob Siegel gives a sad history: A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century

Jacob Siegel: The great “disinformation” hoax

Aaron Kheriaty, MD discusses the progress of “Missouri v. Biden”: LEGAL UPDATE: Missouri v. Biden – Court Denies Government’s Motion for Dismissal.
Michael Shellenberger discusses “Why Renee DiResta Leads The Censorship Industry”. Curious how DiResta once kinda sorta worked for the CIA.

Former CBC (among others) journalist Rodney Palmer describes the CBC’s descent into propaganda.

Lee Smith interviews Mike Benz: Is America’s Foreign Intelligence Service Interfering in US Elections?

Can the social media censors be stopped? Mike Benz with Sebastian Gorka

Matt Taibbi et al. Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex.

Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex: The Top 50 Organizations to Know

The Kyle Seraphin Show: Mike Benz and the Foundation for Freedom Online

The Speed of Science!

Every once in a while a special phrase is used, so hopeful and yet so meaningless, so impressive and yet signifying something so contrary to reality.

It does not quite make sense to Dr. John Campbell.

So good it makes a great title for a song, or subtitle, or whatever:

mRNA (Speed of Science) – ORIGINAL SONG

Security Theatre, or Worse

Dr. Byram W. Bridle, PhD is banned from the University of Guelph campus for being COVID unvaccinated in spite of his being naturally immune. That would make a lot more sense to him if he were not an immunologist.


Aaron Kheriaty, MD, like Bridle, has had COVID, but of course that does not matter.

UC Has Put Me on Leave for Challenging Their Vaccine Mandate

The University seems to be attempting to force him to resign:

…the current administrative designation, where I am neither able to work at the University nor permitted to pursue work elsewhere, was not a development I had anticipated. The University may be hoping this pressure will lead me to resign “voluntarily,” which would remove grounds for my lawsuit: if I resign prior to being terminated by the University, I have no legal claim of harm.


Curtis Yarvin reflects on the state of things soon after the ballot wizardry.

Ultimately, I am glad Trump lost, because Trump was more than just a liar—he was a lie. As soon as he accepted the fraud that he was actually in charge of the government, he became complicit in a fraud against his own supporters. They could never understand why he didn’t “do something” about this, that, or the other thing.

He could have told them why; he could have even worked to change that. He was given the choice between looking and feeling important, and realizing and revealing that he wasn’t important. He chose as he did. Given that he did, his defeat at the hands of the ballot wizards of the Midwest may have been legal injustice—but it was divine justice.


Dmitry Orlov on a coming collapse: “Watch this!”

The collapse of the USA will make the collapse of the USSR look like a stroll through a leafy park and a boat ride on a placid pond. I’ve been saying this for 15 years now. My message is still there, for all those who wish to understand what’s been happening and to keep their sanity.


Srdja Trifkovic has a less extreme take: A Silver Lining in the Election Debacle , stressing mainly decline in international standing. 

In the eyes of much of the world the United States is now reduced to the status of a banana republic.

The Big Guy

Silly Lies and Plagiarism

The file distributed by the Senator included a law school faculty report, dated Dec. 1, 1965, that concluded that Mr. Biden had ”used five pages from a published law review article without quotation or attribution” and that he ought to be failed in the legal methods course for which he had submitted the 15-page paper.

Joe Biden’s lies are legendary. He’s still the same dishonest plagiarist he was 33 years ago.
Joe Biden lied & claimed he graduated in the top half of his class
Plagiarism in Joe Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign
Biden: I Was Arrested Trying To See Nelson Mandela
Forget the Gaffes, What About Biden’s Lies?
Joe Biden steals speech – Johnny Carson 1987

Political Assassination

Trying to get Thomas Sowell to be politically incorrect.

Clarence Thomas on Joe Biden: “He had no idea what he was talking about.”

Simple corruption

Not only corrupt, but seems use use his close family as bag men. Is that nepotism or just low rent, or both?


The cheese has slid off his cracker .
Ah, anyway.

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