This is what is being eroded: not just the ability to access “offensive” works of art, but something more fundamental. Social trust. Artistic sanctity. Our shared understanding, rooted in historical record, of what is true.

Kat Rosenfield: Gaslight: The “Sensitivity Readers” Erasing Western History

The texture of this procedural innovation is Soviet. If books don’t adhere to the party line, they’ll not see print, and the authors will be re-educated.

Lionel Shriver: We need to talk about sense and sensitivity
Lionel Shriver: Insensitivity Reader – Live at the UnHerd Club

Literary revisionism is no accident. Civilization is not merely drifting away from its moorings, although no doubt that is happening, too. Instead, we are living through a dedicated program. Anti-western sentiment is ascendent. Revolution succeeds once people no longer perceive it is happening. The most powerful ideas are the ones taken for granted by those applying them.

Bruce Pardy: Agatha Christie revisions are the writing on the wall.