Charles Rixey pieces together the early history of the cover up:

From The Myth of the Blind Watchmaker:

An Abstract in 4 Key Points:

  • Dr. Fauci and a few other senior scientists knew instantly that the discovery of HIV spike inserts within the SAR-CoV-2 viral genome made it almost impossible for the virus to be natural.
  • They knew about the Furin cleavage site [FCS], the single biggest genomic contributor to SARS-CoV-2’s ability to become a pandemic virus.
  • They suppressed treatments that were already available – including the very fusion inhibitors implicated by the existence of the HIV inserts.
  • Much of what has been done to combat the pandemic – especially here in the United States – has been the opposite of what would’ve been recommended, had all of the information been publicly known in early 2020.”

His substack post references a live discussion and work by Arkmedic: Absolute proof: The Gp-120 sequences prove beyond all doubt that “COVID-19” was man-made.

The fusion inhibitors are theorised to be the “antidote” counterpart of a corona virus based bio-weapon.