Detroit, Michigan was probably not the worst location for shenanigans, but is fairly representative. Some links are repeated from different sources as these videos sometimes disappear.

Part 1: Michigan Voter Fraud Witness Barry Doherty describes seeing networked voting machines
Part 2: Michigan Voter Fraud Witness Hima Kolanagireddy discusses fake, illegal ballots, no Trump votes seen

Part 3: Mich Voter Fraud Witness Ann Rudisill Describes Detroit Election Fraud
Part 4: Mich Voter Fraud Witness Jose Aliaga saw the 4am Biden Ballot Drop!
Part 5: Mich Voter Fraud Witness Patrick Colbeck Describes Fraud in Detroit
Part 6: Mich Voter Fraud Witness Shane Trejo Describes 3:30a.m. Illegal Ballots Arriving in Detroit

Part 7: Mich Voter Fraud Witness Melissa Carone tells the Inside Story of Dominion Machines in Detroit

Part 9: Andrew Sitto Talks About Dems Grabbing Ballots Inside TCF Center
Part 10: Mich Voter Fraud Witness Kristina Karamo Saw Ballots Being Given to Biden in Detroit
Part 11: Braden Giacobazzi Talks About Systematic Harassment of GOP Poll Challengers at TCF Center
Part 12: Articia Bomer Witnessed Dems Counting Spoiled Ballots for Biden and Tampering with Machines at Cobo
Part 13: Adam de Angeli Sat Heard Pollworker Trainings That Gave Advice Against Michigan Regulations
Part 17: Michigan Voter Fraud Witness Bob Cushman Lays Out the Structural Problems in MI’s Voting System
Part 18: Mich Voter Fraud Witness Chris Schornak Saw Fraudulent Ballots, Coordinated, Systemic Fraud

Part 22: Michigan Voter Fraud Witness saw likely fake ballots from Canada
How the Detroit poll workers were trained.
Michigan Voter Fraud Witness
Adam de Angeli with Nick Rikieta
Eye witness account of voter fraud in Michigan

Except for the extra helping of mail in ballots is was business as usual, apparently.