Perhaps, formally, The Republic ended when the Supreme Court refused to hear Texas vs Pennsylvania, but that was a bit anti-climactic. Here is the work of the “ballot wizards of the Midwest” being called contemporaneously.

Patrick Henningsen on UK Column. Their YouTube channel has since been deleted.
Richard Baris, a real pollster
The Duran, Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris
Viva Frei and Robert Barnes
Peter Lavelle and George Szamuely gaggle with Philip Giraldi
Another gaggle, this time Ciara Haley joined by the American journalist Helen Buyniski

Sam Faddis, on November fifth, suggested to Take To The Streets. Let Them Know You See Them. Let Them Know They Will Not Steal This Election From The American People. He also summarises the preparation and execution quite well.

Tom Luongo’s friend’s reaction was apparently “Civil war it is then.” Luongo also mentions Larry F. Correia’s: THE 2020 ELECTION: FUCKERY IS AFOOT.

Michael Anton in “Let’s Take Stock of Where We Are” read the situation as it would be quite well and does suggest that the system will have suffered a fatal blow.

Theoretically, it’s possible that a system designed to be gamed and abused won’t be. But a party concerned about the integrity of the system wouldn’t expend so much effort making it easier to rig elections; it would do the opposite.

Far from seeing any effort to explain, all I see is an enlivened and merciless push to ram through the results while censoring and slandering anyone who asks questions or points out irregularities. Either they don’t have explanations, or they don’t care what we think. Or both.

There is something to be said—from the point of view of the powerful—for just ramming things through and explaining nothing. It’s a clear demonstration of who’s boss. It demoralizes the other side. And it’s nearly certain to change the system permanently in ways that benefit the ruling class for as long as they can keep it going.

That may well work in securing the White House this time. But if they just ram this through without explaining what really happened, then the legitimacy not just of our electoral system but of our entire government will have suffered an extreme, and possibly fatal, blow.