Twitter disallows many statements, as does Facebook. Youtube removes videos and whole channels. Amazon removes books. Where there is not simple deletion of information there can be guiding notes attached to historical and seemingly neutral scientific information.


Wikipedia has removed a page on the “lab leak hypothesis”, which now redirects to a “misinformation” page: Discussion of the decision can be found here.

This event is discussed here by Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying:

COVID lab leak Wikipedia page censored by “fact checkers” (from Livestream #68)

Miriam Webster is adapting to Newspeak in real time, changing the meaning of “racism” to suit the zombie horde.

Archived pages, of all things, are being decorated with “fact checks”. Will the deletion of archives follow soon?

An entry on a simple statistical test needs modification after an election, for some reason: Benford’s Law Declared Illegal by the Left.

One is nostalgic for the old days when it was just claimed that only the official media could legally possess Wikileaked emails.

One interesting possibility is that this is explained as a stage of the zombification process, where the brain begins to liquefy and barriers between the associative and analytical lobes start to break down. If it were only so simple.

“Herd Immunity” went through a fairly radical shift in meaning, at least for a while.

Topically Tainted Truth

The current version can be found here: and the variants quoted are the 9 June 2020 | Q&A and the 13 November 2020 | Q&A


Some of the memory hole mechanism is visible.

The New York Times is now selling a handy self lobotomy kit to help.

“Authoritative sources” boosted by YouTube, CEO unveils agenda in WEF video

Also on Odysee:

Instagram is forcing users to remove satirical posts about Fauci emails