Geert Vanden Bossche posits that a mass vaccination regime targeting very specific viral structures during an ongoing pandemic amounts to a global gain of function experiment. Further, that the resulting variants could be able to affect the vaccinated even more than the unvaccinated as the infection may elicit an immune memory response that is ineffective and that can interfere with the working of the general non-memory immune system, the system that may be protecting the young.

DarkHorse Podcast with Geert Vanden Bossche & Bret Weinstein

ZDoggMD mixes some rebuttal with some rather immature ad hominem:

Why This Guy Is Dead Wrong About COVID Vaccines | Bossche Debunked

Edward Nirenberg gets more into the nitty gritty in: Addressing Geert Vanden Bossche’s Claims. Most relevant to any possible virus evolution is the question of to what extent the vaccines are “leaky”. Relevant to safety is if they compromise natural immunity.

Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth discusses mass vaccination during a pandemic with his colleague, Dr. Ashley Duits:

COVID Science Talks: Mass vaccination during a pandemic | 13-04-2021

Bret and Heather discuss the Facebook shenanigans:

Facebook ‘warns’ us against Geert Vanden Bossch podcast (from Livestream #77)

There are even some, perhaps overfly conspiratorially minded and on the “anti-vax” side, such as Rosemary Frei, who seem to believe that Vanden Bossche constitutes an insider play to add credibility to the current COVID response. Weird.

A similar argument is made by Luc Montagnier, who won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of HIV, some genetic material of which he thinks was inserted into SARS-CoV-2 before it leaked from a lab: Bombshell: Nobel Laureate Reveals that Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’

Drbeen Medical Lectures: Are Vaccines Causing Variants? (Responding to the French Nobel Laureate)

No real agreement from these three, Dr Byram Bridle, Dr Knut Wittkowski, Dr Mike Yeadon: Vanden Bossche’s Theory: Mass Vaccination Will Breed Dangerous Variants – Fact or Fiction?

Global Paradigm Shift with Michelle Malcolm :: 09 June 2021 — Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccines, thinks that Vanden Bossche is correct about the theory but that the response during a pandemic in humans cannot be the same as is taken in the case of cattle (at 45 minutes).